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Guest Post for Powder Doom by Isabelle

  • Start off by putting on your foundation as normal. 
  • Apply thick black winged eyeliner.
  • Next you’ll be applying black lines to your face with black eyeliner (or paint if you want). Start by drawing a line down the centre of your nose, then around your nostrils and curves of the nose, in the chin dimple, along both cheekbones, the jawline, around the lips, and one line below the nose. Then draw two curves lines from each ear to the centre of your forehead so they meet in a point.  Don’t worry about being super neat, you can always touch it up later with foundation or go over the lines with eyeliner again.
  • Add expression lines close to both eyebrows and sides of the nose bridge.
  • Then draw a line from the corner of your eye along your eye crease, as well as under the eye. Make sure your under eye eyeliner is beneath your natural eye line so your eyes appear bigger than they are.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with the same black eyeliner so they’re nice and defined and bold.
  • Draw some teardrop outlines in black eyeliner under one eye. You want it to look like the tears are just about to run down your cheek.  Fill these in with blue eyeliner or eye shadow. I used Lime Crime’s Blue Milk uniliner because it has a nice thin brush.
  • Apply red lipstick. I used the Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet because it has a nice finish for the cartoon look. Then dab some white eyeliner or white paint in one corner of the bottom lip and blend with your lipstick or a shiny lip gloss to make it look like a white shine on the lip. 
  • Fill in your under eye with a white eyeliner to make the eyes pop.
  • Apply bright eye shadow to your eyelids but don’t go outside the black outlines in the crease. I used Sugarpill’s Dollipop pink eye shadow because of how pigmented and bright it is. It helps with the cartoon look.
  • Don’t forget to put on some mascara for more dramatic lashes.
  • Apply a bit of blush above the black cheekbone lines for a nice rosy finish.
  • Now carefully dab dots all over your face with white eyeliner, in rows, so they’re not too close together but consistent and bold. 

Done! Make sure to pull some cute poses with your make-up! 

DIY Silkscreened Captain America Shirt

I made this shirt a while ago, and wanted to post a printable stencil! I made it myself in illustrator! For silkscreening, use two screens: one for the white pieces, one for the blue. Make sure to block off eye holes etc when you are doing each color. (I did white FIRST) then blue over…it was a little tough to line up.

If you wanted to simplify, you could use one color, and make the shirt be the color for the “A” and the wings, just stencil the outlines of the wings or something.